about us

Grupo Maya is a Mexican company founded in 2007. Our headquarters is located in the heart of the Roma neighborhood in Mexico City. We were created out of the necessity to attend to the demand of the private and public sectors to guarantee property security and executive protection. Hence, we look after the most valuable assets of lawful organizations in the country. Grupo Maya strictly complies to all applicable rules and regulations. We have private security permits on a municipal, state and federal level, as well as licenses to carry weapons in all the country.

We guarantee our clients tranquility by complying with the applicable legal framework in all our offices.

Innovation is at the core of our business, as we aim to cater to the needs of our clients and collaborators with the most advanced solutions. We offer comprehensive plans for your company, home, business and assets. As your commercial partner, we offer you quality, excellence, and reliability.


To provide comprehensive protection services using strength and technology, devoting our talent, capacity and resources to building safe environments for our clients, employees and suppliers, strictly adhering to the applicable legal framework and respecting human rights, and always maintaining a high sense of social responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development of our community.


Thanks to our capital, human talent, intelligence, strength and technology, by 2025 Grupo Maya will consolidate itself as a leading company in the field of integral security. We will continue contributing to the development of the economy by protecting families, employees and investments of domestic and foreign companies.


All members of the Maya family are thoroughly evaluated with professional psychological
tests: Beta III, RAVEN MATRICES TEST, TOULOUSE-PIERON ATTENTION TEST, PROJECTIVE AND GRAPHOLOGY TESTS, INTEREST ASSESSMENT, SYMPTOM CHECK LIST 90 (SCL 90), TRAIT META-MOOD SCALE (TMMS-24), COPING STRATEGIES QUESTIONNAIRE, THURSTONE TEMPERAMENT SCHEDULE in the fields of Intelligence, Status and Securities. This way, we guarantee the quality of the staff in charge of the services we provide.


Pistola calibre .380
Marca Glock, modelo 25

Pistola de cañón largo calibre .380”
Marca Mendoza, modelo Cobra

Escopeta semiautomática calibre 12 GA
Marca Hatsan, modelo Magnum df-12

Escopeta sistema de bomba calibre 12 GA
Marca Hatsan, modelo Escort

Escopeta sistema de bomba calibre 12 GA
Marca Mossberg, modelo 500

Escopeta semiautomática calibre 12 GA
Marca Hatsan, modelo Raider



No. Capacitador externo: 

RFC: GMP070223U81

Licencia Particular Colectiva
Oficio: S.L. / 7551
Oficio: S.L. / 29349
Oficio: S.L. / 19440 




Centro de trabajo: 2499610

Certificado Oro


Número: 812299608