1. What is the cost of a private security service?
Service quotes are personalized according to the zone and the kind
of the services required.

2. What is the hiring process for the security personnel?
At Grupo Maya we believe every service should be a high-quality service, therefore our recruitment filters are aligned with guidelines that allow us to verify that the security personnel applicants are
SUITABLE for the services, by going through the following filters:
· Medical, psychometric and toxicology exams.
· An in-depth interview with qualified psychologists.
· A functional interview with operational coordinators (verification of handgun-handling experience).
The personnel must pass all evaluations to be part of the Maya team to provide quality services. Once accepted, they receive the following training:
· Basic training and security refresher course.
· Judicial training.
· Operational and medical training.
· Introductory shooting practice.

3. Does Grupo Maya have certifications that accredit it as a security
Grupo Maya is a legally constituted company with all the necessary and mandatory certifications to provide security services before municipal, state and federal authorities.
Additionally, our branches have a visible and distinguishable logo on the facade. Our uniform, as well as the marked vehicles of our different coordinations are duly registered with the relevant authorities.

4. Do you require a liberated SMN card to be admitted as an armed guard or bodyguard?
Yes, it is mandatory for all male personnel.

5. Do you have documentation control and personal data protection of the documents provided by the candidate when filling a vacancy?
Yes, they are secured in the archive and the information is protected in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals, we have our privacy and rights notice ARCO; the personnel with access to this information is controlled, authorized and previously evaluated.

6. Is the documentation previously provided by the guard or bodyguard returned upon conclusion of the work relationship?
Yes, only the original National Military Service card. The birth certificate and proof of residency are not returned since they are used for the arm carrying procedure and are kept by the federal authority
permanently. The card is returned in person every Friday at the head office and state coordinations depending on the shipping calendar.

7. What type of personnel do you have in the guard mode? (Since some individuals carry weapons and others don't) 
There are in-house guards that don’t carry a handgun as their needs, conditions and service type don’t merit or allow it; and armed guards, that carry a non-transferable handgun with all the permits required by the federal authorities.

8. What type of trainings does de operational personnel receive?  
Focused on each service's needs; operational, medical, judicial and psychological training is offered.

9. What is the duration and periodicity of the training provided?
40 hours of training are received upon entry to the company and subsequently, every 6 months, a 40- hour refresher training is imparted on security matters relating to their profiles and in accordance with the services, specialized training is provided in accordance with the requirements of each service. This is at no cost to the individual or the client.

10. What are the type of weapons carried by the armed personnel?
The ones authorized by the Federal Firearms and Explosives Control Law, where the ones considered for security services are 12.calliber rifles, 380”- caliber handguns and 38” spl.- caliber revolvers.

11. How often do the company’s weapons get maintenance?
Ongoing preventive and in some cases corrective maintenance programs are carried out. We have specialized personnel in the specified weapon maintenance activities.

12. Where does your shooting practice take place?
They take place at established, accredited and registered with SEDENA shooting ranges available nation-wide, with all the previous permits, documents and notices to the authority for all pertinent

13. How do you define what type of weapon will be used by the individual?
After a previous analysis and survey of the client's needs, the pertinent recommendations are made for the type of weapon to be used considering the places where they will be used.

14. Where are the weapons stored?
At the arms depot complying with the guidelines established by the National Defense Secretary.

15. Do you have the handgun-carrying Private Collective License, and which are they?
Yes, we have been issued the 3 types of Private Collective Licenses: Private Security for property, Private Security for People and Private Security for the movement of property or values.

16. Who issues the License to carry firearms and what is its validity?
The National Defense Secretary, through the Firearms and Explosives Direction is the one responsible of authorizing, issuing and regulating the Private Collective Licenses. They are valid for a renewable two-year period from the moment of issue.

17. Can a guard, bodyguard or custodian carry out the same service?
No, because each individual, whether guard, bodyguard or custodian, is duly registered with the SEDENA in the mode of each service.

18. Do you carry out risk assessment? Does it have a cost?
Yes, we carry out risk assessment to determine the current situation and with this information are
able to recommend the necessary measures for an efficient service coverage. Cost is determined depending on the type of project.

19. What is the minimum period to contract your services?
Contracts are a minimum of 6 months on all modes.

20. How long does it to take for a service to begin?
45 natural days after the signing of the contract, this may vary depending on personnel availability and the complexity of the service.

21. Can my bodyguard board a plane while armed?
Yes, referred to as ARPEL documentation, it is the process in which an armed escort checks in his/her weapon at the airline counters and the National Guard booth. The equipment is stored in the cockpit during the flight.

22. Do you rent weapons?
No, at Grupo Maya we provide properly trained armed personnel services.

23. Is the uniform deducted from the individual?
The cost of the uniformed is absorbed by the company, as are the accessories. The individual is
only required to pay, at cost and in installments, their uniform's boots, this for hygiene purposes as they are a strictly personal work tool.

24. If I hire 2 guards for my house, can one be within the walls, and can they share the firearm?
No, the law establishes that each individual must have their own firearm duly registered
with the relevant authorities.

25. What are your legal resources if my bodyguard is held at a checkpoint?
We have a 24-hour emergency attention center and criminal lawyer offering support throughout the process.